Club Information Request

Important Information Required:


I'm looking for club mentors, volunteers or officers to help me out and provide information on activities that run within your club.


Two of these areas are:

  1.  "Club/regional blitzes, events, tournaments, fun-days” from U8 to Adult, boys or girls.
  2.  "Club coaches/mentors coaching in schools”.


If, since 1st of January 2010, you have ran either a club blitz, taster day, fun day, tournament, Go-Games blitz, blitzes for all ages groups, codes, etc please could you complete the "club blitz information sheet”.   If you ran a blitz for two or more age groups or codes, please complete a separate form for each age group or code.


If you have/are a club coach coaching in your local school/s since 1st January 2010 (even if it is 1 hour a day for 3 weeks, including after schools programmes, coaching P1-P7 in primary and Y8 to Y12 in post primary schools,) please could you complete "club coach in school information sheet”.

(Again, if you are in different schools or in the same school on a different day, please complete a separate form for each different day or school)



Please could you pass these forms to anyone in your club/region who have implemented development work in the two areas above and ask them to complete the forms? Please either email or post them to me in Casement


Post:  Ciara Ferry, Casement Park, 88-104 Andersonstown Rd, Belfast, BT11 9AN.


Thank you kindly in advance.


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