Club/School Link

It is natural for most children to be drawn towards outdoor sport. The obvious location where the introduction process commences is in the local primary school.

Clubs that are organised on a consistent basis in supporting their local primary school will be successful in the long term. The Club, school and the children will benefit mutually.

It is very important to initiate an excellent working relationship with the school principal and teachers. Courtesy and good communication is central to its success.

Steps to Establishing Club-School Links

1. Ensure that the Club has a dedicated School Liaison Officer (SLO). The SLO should be selected after considering availability to visit the school during school hours and communication skills. (If there is a club member teaching in the school he/she should not be asked to be SLO)

2. The SLO and Club Chairperson could arrange to meet the principal and teacher with responsibility for sport/games.

3. Agree points of contact for club and school.

4. Outline the club's work at underage as well as the Go Games Programme, which promotes participation for all children.

5. Establish what support the school requires in terms of:

a) Equipment and gear
b) Facilities
c) Coaching assistance in the school setting
d) Support for Cumann na mBunscol activities
e) Assistance with organising Go Games Blitzes
f) Support for after school activities e.g. homework clubs
g) Information about coaching courses
h) Club membership for staff

6. Formalise arrangements regarding mutual use of each others facilities.

7. Establish (and keep up to date) a GAA notice-board in the school with information on Club Blitzes, Ú Can (Skill) Awards, GAA Cúl Camps, Cumann na mBunscol activities etc.

8. Provide a calendar of club events e.g. registration days, Go Games Blitzes etc. and keep up to date with school events.

9. Liaise with the County Games Manager and the school to keep up to date with school initiatives including the GAA Céim ar Aghaidh Education Resource, GAA Fun Do Coaching Pack, Cúl4kidz magazine and the Schools Coaching programme.

10. Circulate a club newsletter to the school children to encourage them to become involved in the club.


See Documents section for more information on Antrim's Club/School link.