Coaching in your club

The Club is the fundamental unit of the GAA. It is where members begin their involvement with the GAA, and where they continue their involvement long after playing careers have finished. The area of coaching and games development forms a large part of the activities that take place within the Club.

All Clubs should select a Club Coaching & Games Coordinator and a Club Coaching sub-committee to oversee coaching issues within the Club. The Club Coaching & Games Coordinator position is an exciting development in the organisation of the Club. The activities and influence of the Club coaches will ensure a smooth progression for all players through the Club teams.

This section will deal with the various structures and activities that can be promoted within each Club. Within this section, it will be possible to answer a number of questions:

  • What is the role of the Club Coaching & Games Coordinator?
  • What is the Coach Education Programme and how to do we avail of assistance?
  • What initiatives and activities can I role out in my Club?
  • What type of links should the Club have with local schools?
  • Who do I contact for coaching assistance within my Club?