Recruiting Volunteers

15 places to recruit volunteers


Send your volunteer flyers or a press release to the following places....or better yet, make a personal visit to a key volunteer recruitment contact!

1. Corporate newsletters (wish list)

2. Schools and colleges

3. Retiree programs

4. Senior citizen centers

5. Corporate outplacement Programs

6. Corporate volunteer programs

7. Churches, synagogues and other places of worship

8. Internship programs

9. Career counseling centers

10. Civic clubs, fraternal societies, sororities

11. Newspapers, radio, cable television

12. Governmental organizations

13. Court system (sentence to serve)

14. Volunteer recruitment fairs

15. Other nonprofit organizations



Other ways to recruit volunteers

1. Recruit a chairperson…then ask them to recruit their committee members.

2. Ask a company to help you on a probono basis

3. Ask a teacher or professor to involve their classroom

4. Ask a manager to recruit their staff

5. Consider sales staff: car, real estate, mortgage, retail companies.




1.  Coach of the Month Award

Letter would be put on club Website


2.  Recruiting for Nursery

Poster in local shops


3.  Mentors for Nursery

Draw up a potential list of mentors consisting of past player/current players,  parents and contact each to give up an hour each week of their time.


4.  Team-Mate of the Month Award

3 nominees on a weekly basis for the month


Winner gets a plaque for the month and a framed photo on wall of the clubhouse for the month.



  • Punctuality and good behaviour
  • Attentiveness in training
  • Sportsmanship and good team spirit
  • The implementation of a skill learned in training at a match
  • Work ethic in training and matches
  • Personal improvement in skills level and playing performance.