Development Squads - U14 Football

U14 Football Development Squads will run as two regional squads (Slemish Squad - South West and Casement Squad - South Antrim) until 9th April when they will compete in the Antrim Cup Development Squads blitz day. After this the regional squads will merge full county squad which will then compete in Ulster and National blitzes for the rest of the year.


U14 Football Schedule Slemish

Antrim Development Squads Schedule 2018 Football
U14 F Slemish
Dates Activity Time Location
06/01/2018 Trials 2-4pm Crumlin 4G
13/01/2018 Trials 2-4pm Crumlin 4G
20/01/2018 Trials 2-4pm Crumlin 4G
27/01/2018 Trials
03/02/2018 Training 2-4pm Crumlin 4G
10/02/2018 Training Day 10-1.30pm UUJ
24/02/2018 Training 2-3.30pm Crumlin 4G
10/03/2018 Training 2-3.30pm Crumlin 4G
24/03/2018 Training 2-3.30pm Crumlin 4G
14/04/2018 Training TBC Dunsilly Centre
28/04/2018 Training TBC Dunsilly Centre
12/05/2018 Training TBC Dunsilly Centre
26/05/2018 Training TBC Dunsilly Centre
02/06/2018 Training TBC Dunsilly Centre
09/06/2018 Ulster Blitz TBC TBC
23/06/2018 Training TBC Dunsilly Centre
14/07/2018 Training TBC Dunsilly Centre
28/07/2018 Antrim Cup TBC Belfast
11/08/2017 National Blitz TBC TBC
18/08/2018 Ulster Blitz TBC TBC
26/01/2018 Conditioning 6-7pm St. Benedict's Hall
02/02/2018 Conditioning 6-7pm St. Benedict's Hall
09/02/2018 Conditioning 6-7pm St. Benedict's Hall
23/02/2018 Conditioning 6-7pm St. Benedict's Hall
02/03/2018 Conditioning 6-7pm St. Benedict's Hall
09/03/2018 Conditioning 6-7pm St. Benedict's Hall

There will be challenge games and possibly additional sessions throughout the year.

We will also hold workshops for players during sessions & this may change the venue.

All information and changes will be put on our coaching website at on the under "News Football Dev Sq"