September: St. Anne's Corkey - Bronagh Marron

Antrim GAA Teacher Profile:


Bronagh Marron


Loughgiel Shamrocks


St. Anne’s P.s.Corkey

Any coaching/playing

Experience (in any sport):

Played non competitive Camogie at Primary School. Played netball at Secondary School.

How did you enjoy the GAA Hurling Teacher Foundation Course?

I found the course very enjoyable and rewarding. It was great to be able to help develop the skills of our pupils in an area in which they are hugely interested in and enthusiastic about. Dominic was always very clear about what he expected before I delivered a lesson and provided feedback in a very positive yet constructive way.

What advice would you give teachers with no hurling experience and have the opportunity to avail of the GAA Hurling Teacher foundation course?

Just be open about your lack of experience. Although I initially felt nervous about undertaking this course I found there was no set expectation of a skill level or knowledge of the game. As long as you are enthusiastic and genuinely interested in learning you will find huge benefits and the coach will take into account where you are starting from. The course was well paced and Dominic was a very supportive coach. Use the feedback given to help improve future lessons and try not to over plan lessons and pack too much in!

How did it help you with your coaching?

As it had been many years since I played Camogie myself it gave me the opportunity to brush up on the basic skills and knowledge of the Hurling and Camogie game. I am now more confident coaching our Primary School pupils and therefore find lessons much more enjoyable and satisfying.