September: St. Anne's Corkey - Ciara Hughes

Antrim GAA Teacher Profile:


Ciara HUghes


Con Magees, Glenravel


St. Anne’s, Corkey.

Any coaching/playing

Experience (in any sport):

Played netball at school 1992-1997 at St. MacNissi’s College, Garron Tower.

How did you enjoy the GAA Hurling Teacher Foundation Course?

I have really enjoyed the Foundation course. It has given me the confidence to coach my class in preparation for the school tournaments.

What advice would you give teachers with no hurling experience and have the opportunity to avail of the GAA Hurling Teacher foundation course?

I would encourage these teachers to do the course. It is very enjoyable. I did not have any coaching/hurling experience so I was a little apprehensive at the beginning. After the first lesson I relaxed and began to enjoy the coaching.

It is really important to plan your lessons and ask for help when you need it. It was sometimes difficult to come up with new and enjoyable warm-ups. Dominic gave us reading material to refer to, which really helped.

How did it help you with your coaching?

I have more confidence now. Dominic gave me feedback after each lesson. I listened to the feedback and tried to take it on board when planning for the next week.